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meta quest 3 Reality

Meta Quest 3 virtual reality and mixed reality headsets this fall in addition to Reducing the price of the older version, Quest 2, with major updates to the older version.

meta quest 3 is coming soon:

The meta quest 3, the next generation of virtual reality headsets, will be shipping A combo produced by tech giant Meta, this fall.Referred to as Premium version The latest Meta Quest 3 with higher resolution and stronger performance as well as Meta Reality technology Cutting-edge, thinner and more comfortable headset.

The price of Quest 2 has also been announced to be $299.99 128GB SKU starting June 4th, and to help more people get access to world of virtual reality.

metaquest3 meta quest 3 Reality
metaquest3 meta quest 3 Reality

Mark Zuckerberg launches Quest 3 Meta Reality:

Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of the Meta Quest 3 headphones for use in Next-generation virtual reality and mixed reality, which will be launched just before end of 2023.

Meta Quest 3 VR and Mixed Reality headsets feature higher fidelity And stronger performance, cutting-edge Meta Reality technology, and a thinner, more comfortable form factor.

The Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset will be shipped in all countries Currently supported by Meta Quest this fall.

Prices for the Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset start at $128 GB from $499.99.

An additional storage option will be added for those who want some extra space.

The Meta Quest 3 Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Headset is the ultimate headset Charging and no wires required.

Features of the Meta Quest 3 virtual reality and mixed reality headset:

  • The Meta Quest 3 virtual reality and mixed reality headset combines the highest display resolution And the ability to operate additional pixels.
  • The Meta Quest 3 virtual and mixed reality headset has chips Next-generation Snapdragon co-developed with Qualcomm Technologies to power additional pixels.
  • The next generation Snapdragon chipset delivers more than twice the graphical performance Same as the previous generation Snapdragon GPU in Quest 2.
  • Turning on the extra pixels has smoother performance and more detail Incredibly clear in great games.
  • The difference here is the combination of VR and Meta Reality technologies in one device.
  • Best-in-class Meta Reality technology allows you to blend the physical world with the real world Virtualization seamlessly into Meta Quest VR and Mixed Reality headsets 3.
  • The ability to understand and respond to objects in your physical space with uninterrupted intelligence Analogs and the possibility of allowing you to navigate this space in ways that were natural and intuitive Almost impossible before as if it were out of science fiction.
  • Quest 3 Meta Reality will be available to a large number of people at a lower price with Integrate cutting-edge VR and MR into futuristic headsets.
  • Quest 3 Meta Reality differs from the older version Quest 2 in that it contains a file Optically 40% thinner, the Quest 3 is a headset that's comfortable to use and is more elegant.
  • Tracking technology just got smoother with the redesigned Quest 3's controllers Touch Plus.
  • TruTouch technology that first appeared in Touch Pro has been added .
  • Upgradable to fully self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers To get a wonderful and distinct experience.
  • Possibility to interact with virtual objects without controllers, thanks to technology Direct Touch.
  • Quest 3 Meta Reality is compatible with Quest 2's catalog of over 500 VR game, apps and experience.
  • Quest 3 Meta Reality has the world's best library of experiences The awe-inspiring.

Little note:

Offers continue unchanged on the current Meta Quest Gaming Showcase for A bunch of new games and updates coming to Quest Platform.

This does not mean neglecting the older version, Quest 2, at new lower prices and performance upgrade.

Everyone will be happy most of the time...let's wait and see.

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