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building a website from scratch

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The first step: choose a suitable platform for your website

In order to build a website, you must first choose the appropriate platform or "platform" on which you will build this website.

What do we mean by platform?

create website google, top website builders, create my own website, wordpress create website, build your own website, create your own website, develop the website, to build a website, Well, about ten years ago, websites were built using programming languages like HTML, CSS and PHP. Learning each language and using it to build the site was very difficult.

For this very reason, we find that many still believe that creating a website from scratch is very difficult, and requires advanced skills in programming and design, but that is not true. Today in the year 2023, and with content management systems known as CMS such as WordPress, building a website has become available to everyone.

In simpler terms, Content Management System is an easy-to-use platform used in Build and create websites and manage your content online instead of using a programming language like HTML for example.

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Building website from scratch

What are the most popular website building platforms?

In order to get a better idea of the most popular content management systems, take a look at the following image that shows some statistics about the most popular content building systems used on the Internet :

As you can see, almost half of the websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. This might lead you to wonder:

WordPress features:

1- Free platform

Unlike most website builders and specialized design software, WordPress won't cost you anything to install or use. It is completely free and has been developed by a number of web developers, and there is a large community of designers and programmers who have designed many distinctive ready-made templates from which you can choose what suits you best.

2- Easy to use and highly customizable

If you know how to use Google Docs, you will know how to add your own content to WordPress.

Not only that, you can customize and expand WordPress as you wish by adding many plugins that allow you to add contact forms, registration forms, photo galleries and online stores to your site.

WordPress is distinguished by meeting the needs of website designers

3-WordPress is compatible with different devices

Whether your website pages are viewed by smartphone, tablet or computer, it will appear in a consistent manner, without you having to do Anyway, it is an automatic option available in WordPress.

4- Technical support continues and does not stop with updates

This is through the large community of users of this platform that includes experts in the web industry, business owners and bloggers.

This way you will find help quickly, and any question or inquiry you may have will be answered.
Are there other alternatives?

WordPress alternative sites and platforms

Squarespace: The ability to design beautiful websites quite easily, and the disadvantage is that the monthly subscription cost is relatively high, and the webmaster is not allowed to migrate the website from the Squarespace platform to another platform outside it.
  • Drupal: This is an especially popular platform among experienced web developers. The platform has a high learning curve, which makes it an option not recommended for beginners.
  • Joomla: This platform is very similar to WordPress and is a great tool for building websites electronic, but it needs you to have basic knowledge of programming in order to It makes it easier for you to build and manage the website properly.

Domain reservation and host

In order to put your website on the Internet, you need two basic things: a domain name, which is the address of the website that comes in the form is a web hosting service, which is a service that connects your website to the Internet.

As we have already explained, creating a website on WordPress is completely free, but hosting the site and obtaining an address It's not free, however it won't cost you much, you won't pay more than $3 to $5 per month.

In order for your website to look professional and official, you have to get your own domain name instead of choosing free ones. The name of its provider will appear in the email address.

Not only that, getting a good hosting service will also ensure that your site will not crash if it has too many visitors and will not be slow (which is very important for everyone who browses your website).

How to buy the appropriate domain and hosting for your website:

NameCheap: which offers domain names and hosting At very competitive prices that sometimes do not exceed $7 per year.
SSLS: which is characterized by hosting, confirming and protecting websites from hacking.

You can also host your site yourself independently, but it is a very expensive and complicated process, we advise you to avoid it and save yourself the cost and trouble.

When you get your domain name (website address) Also, you will be able to get a professional email, which includes your company or website name, in the following format:

Tips for choosing a suitable website address:

When choosing the name of your website, there are some rules and tips that you should consider:

1- If you want to create an official website, be sure to choose a title bearing the name of your company, business, or Your organization.

2- If you want to create your own (personal) website, the best option is to choose a title that bears your name or completely expresses you.

3- Titles often end Websites with one of the following:

But recently different endings have become popular.

We advise you By adhering to the well-known traditional endings because they seem more reliable, easier to remember and access.

4- How to choose a title:

Is the website name able to be a tag Commercial?!

If you want to create a website in the field of poetry, a website address like the one below would not be a good idea.

Instead, an address like:

would be a better option, because you will be able to market it and brand it in the future. Is it easy to remember The name of the site?

Be sure to choose a short, attractive and clear name, so that it is easy to remember by the visitors of the site. You need a site name that circulates quickly, describing what you do and the services you provide, and sticks in the mind as well. So make sure to choose an attractive name that draws attention to it.

It may be a bit difficult, especially if we know that there are more than 200 million active websites on the Internet, but...don't give up, you will find the name Definitely appropriate!

Step 3: Set up the website and start designing

This step includes several other sub-steps, starting from installing WordPress and choosing the appropriate design, to adding and modifying the content:

1- Installing WordPress

  • It's a simple and easy step that you can do with just one click. Here's how: Visit your desired hosting site.
  • Choose the subscription/payment plan that suits you best.
  • Type the website address of your choice.
  • Fill in all the required information ،select the hosting period you want.
  • Complete the payment process and sign up for your hosting account.
  • Once you have created your account and logged in, you will find an option to download and install WordPress with one click.

2- Choosing the right layout

WordPress contains thousands of ready-made website templates suitable for various fields.

There are more than 8,000 ready-made templates for you to choose from, and they are all completely free, without forgetting the paid designs and templates that you can get from other sites and add to WordPress with ease.

To choose a specific theme from the existing themes on WordPress, click on the Appearance option, then on Themes and finally click on the + sign to display all the available themes.

You can also preview it on the screen to see how It looks like it.

Once you find the right theme for you, hit the Install button on the Details Preview screen.

If you don't like any of the 8,000 themes on WordPress You can choose to purchase a design from one of the websites specialized in this, including:

3- Adding content

Before you move to the stage of customizing the content, you first need to add the content of course, otherwise how can you see the changes you make in terms of design or settings?!

The main pages that must be available on any website:

Website pages differ according to its nature and your purpose in creating it, but there are some important pages that must be present on every website of any kind.

These pages include:

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Archive Page

When thinking about which pages to add, consider which pages will be most useful to your visitors, and start with them.

Also, don't forget to think about visuals, and use appropriate images or videos.

To make things easier, some ready-made WordPress themes offer the option to customize the look and feel of a single page.Click on Appearance and then Customize.

Choose the look you want for your page and customize it as you wish, and when you are done, click on the Publish button in the left corner of the page.
You can now start adding new pages to your website by clicking on the Pages command and then New on the main WordPress page.

4- Website arrangement and organization

The structure of your website becomes more important the more content you add to the site. So, when creating a website, you will have to arrange and organize it in a way that makes sense to your visitors so that they can navigate and browse it easily.

Here you must set up a navigation menu or the Navigation Menu that shows the available pages on your site. You can add these menus by clicking on Appearance and then on Menus.

Name the new menu
You can then select the pages that will be classified under this new list through the box to the left. Select the page you want to add to the list and then press the Add to Menu button.

You can rearrange the items in your list, and you can add sub-items or convert some existing items into sub-items by dragging and rearranging them
Don't forget to click the save button after you've made all the changes you want to the list.

5- Additional formatting and customization options

To view additional formatting options, you can click on Appearance and then on Customize, where you will see multiple options for modifying and formatting other parts of your site, such as colors, fonts, menus, and headlines.

Major WordPress Plugins:

Apart from coordinating the look of the website, there are also many plugins that you can take advantage of. In the WordPress directory alone, you can find more than 60,000 plugins that enable you to add new functionality and ensure greater control over your website.

To learn about and add plugins, all you have to do is click on Plugins on the WordPress home page and then on New.

A list of the most popular and popular plugins will appear, you can choose what you want and click Click on the Install button.

You can also control the plugins that you have previously downloaded and added to your site, where you can delete them, activate them, or stop them for a certain period.

The most popular WordPress plugins:

  • Yoast SEO: It is a specialized SEO plugin that helps you prepare and write appropriate, high-quality content according to the rules of The SEO.
  • Jetpack: It includes a wide range of features that help you increase site speed, social media integration, content formats, and site search.
  • Smuch: This plugin compresses images that are uploaded to WordPress, which frees up more space and speeds up page loading.
  • WooCommerce: It is the most popular plugin to use when creating an online store on WordPress, as it makes it easy to create and manage your store.
  • MoonterInsights: which enables you to connect Google Analytics and add it to your WordPress dashboard.

6- Adding a blog:

Not all types of websites need a special blog, but adding one when creating your own website may be a good idea, especially since it It allows you to publish updated content on a regular basis, thus providing additional value to site visitors.

Creating a blog on your site is very easy… All you have to do is create a new web page from Pages, Add New, name it "Blog" and press Publish.

You must now select this page to display the articles that you publish, and you can do this by clicking on Appearance, then Customize followed by Homepage Settings.

Then select the page you want the blog to be by choosing the "Blog" page in the field "Posts Page".

This will show all new articles or "Posts" that you add, they will all appear on the page you chose.

Publish articles on the electronic blog:

To add a new article, click on Posts in the control panel, and then on Add New. You will then be taken to the editing page where you can start writing content immediately.

7- Maintaining website security:

How do you make your site secure? Have you thought about the importance of this step in ranking your site on search engines?

Adding the SSL code or the Secure Socket Layer known as the "Secure Socket Layer Protocol" to your website means that all data sent to your site from visitors will remain preserved and safe from hacking. This matter also plays an important role in increasing the reliability of your site and thus its ranking in the search results pages on search engines.

How to distinguish the security of sites via the SSL protocol :

In order to distinguish between sites that include SSL and those that are not, you can look at the web address of the site. Secure sites often start with https, while unsecured sites start with just http without the s and a small padlock that appears at the top of the address bar.

Enable SSL via Bluehost as follows:

  • Log in to your Bluehost account.
  • Click on My Sites
  • Select then the Manage Site command
  • Click on the Security command on the page that appears.
  • Make sure that the SSL Certificate: Let's Encrypt status option is enabled.

8- Launch the site, start publishing, and improve SEO:

    After completing all the previous steps and enriching your site with the appropriate content, you can say that you are now ready to launch the site officially.
    You can do this by clicking on the Coming Soon Active icon at the top of your WordPress dashboard, and then clicking on Launch Your Site.

    Your site is now online, and you can browse it And see it as any other browser sees it.

    Navigate between the different pages of the site and make sure that they work properly without any problems.

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