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Video editing tools to shoot like a pro

video maker editorial videos short Video editing tools Camera photography background Lighting units camera tripods Microphone how to make a video

Video editing tools to shoot like a pro

There are many high-quality video shooting equipment in the market today, but their prices are high and some of their features are limited, but they may do the required shooting. In this article, we will talk about many things related to professional videography equipment, so stay tuned.

Professional video shooting equipment

Video shooting equipment is one of the most important equipment needed by all those working in the field of videography or YouTube, whether they are beginners or professionals. We will display some video equipment, including the following:


It is the main thing for visualizing your video and content, whether it is a professional camera or a phone camera, and through it, after filming, the video is transferred to editing and montage programs.

Accessory camera lenses:

Professional cameras have many types of lenses, and choosing the appropriate lens is very important for the appearance of the video professionally by determining the appropriate zoom on the objects to be photographed.

video maker editorial videos short Video editing tools Camera photography background Lighting units camera tripods Microphone how to make a video
Video editing tools to shoot like a pro

photography background:

Photography backgrounds are important and one of the most important things through which good and distinctive content is produced, because the photography background prevents unwanted objects from entering the video, and that background contributes greatly to improving the lighting, which makes the video look better, and the photographer has the freedom to choose the appropriate background for the video, including Suitable for the type of content or photography.

But if the photography is external, the photographer must choose the appropriate place and arrange the elements inside the video in a way that is comfortable for the eye, and this is what is called (image composition).

Lighting units:

Since the lighting is what greatly helps to show the beauty of the content in the video and show the quality of the video, there are many videos in which a variety of great and highly efficient cameras are used, but the content that is filmed in a place that does not have good lighting causes poor quality of the video .
On the contrary, if the cameras are not professional or not very efficient, and the shooting is done in places with high lighting, great results are obtained and great video is obtained with the least available capabilities.
Therefore, lighting units are considered one of the most important equipment for professional video shooting.

camera tripods:

Stands are one of the most important things in shooting your video, as the camera is not set to the required level except through it, and the stand also contributes to moving the camera well, which contributes to the production and shooting of a professional and distinctive video.


The sound of the video is transmitted from the microphone to the camera, and this can be done using the phone or from the video camera itself, transmitted through an external microphone. I do not recommend using the internal microphone of the camera, as it causes distortion in the sound.

Video editing tips for beginner photographers:

You can produce your own video if you follow some simple steps, as follows:

1- It is not better for novice photographers to buy expensive professional equipment, as they can invest in a simple camera and an easy-to-use microphone, and they must also have a set of tools that were mentioned at the top of the article.
The lighting must be good to ensure the quality and clarity of photography. In addition, you should purchase a mount that matches the nature of the camera with which you shoot, so that it is easy to install the camera where you want it.

2- The person who will present the videos or content must have a computer with video editing software (montage) such as Adobe Premiere.

Most computers made in the last few years include some video editing tools, which can be used to some extent for editing videos.

It is possible to download the necessary software from the Internet where many options are available. The software is free and does the job well.
But if you want to get a high-quality montage in a great way, you have to spend some money to buy professional software, and you can choose a relatively inexpensive program. 

3- Before you start preparing all the things that we talked about earlier, you should first think about the idea and who is the target group for your content. If you want people to be interested in your video, take care of what you offer them in the video, as this is the basis for the success of the video, (valuable and valuable content)

But the equipment used to create content is something that will amaze your audience with just the quality of what they see. nothing else.

4- Determine the background that you will use in the photography and the appropriate composition of the staff. This helps you to explain the topic effectively, as well as to express what you are talking about. You can, for example, sit in front of a plain background or at a desk, but setting the background varies according to the topic to be presented.

5- Put the camera on a tripod so that it does not move. In the case of a stand dedicated to the camera, it is easy to place the camera in the place you want in an easy way.
With the camera positioned correctly, it is easy to install the microphone in a way that fits the audio input,
You should avoid using zoom in a way that makes you lose a large part of the video quality.

6- The video maker or content creator needs to provide three lighting units so that the entire scene during the video can be well lit.

An example of how to distribute lighting units:

One of them is placed directly behind the camera, the other to the left of the camera so that it tilts 45 degrees and one on the right side of the camera so that it tilts 45 degrees as well, and thus the scene or the entire frame may have been lit evenly.

7- Sound insulation: It is preferable to maintain complete silence in the place where the video will be filmed, as the presence of noise disturbs the video sound quality and greatly reduces its quality.

how to make a video:

After carrying out all the preparation steps for creating a video, you shoot your content video. You must be calm and stable while presenting the content you are shooting.

After shooting the video, insert the video clips into the video editing program you chose to start the montage and cutting process, or if you want to add effects to the video.

In the end, the video is produced from this program with high quality, and it is highly prepared to be placed on YouTube or communication sites, or given to the customer.

Video editing tools to shoot like a pro:

  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio 18
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Apple iMovie

In this article, we provided you with the equipment needed to shoot video clips professionally with minimal capabilities, and some tips that you should take into account during the video shooting process. And with our wishes for success and success in your projects.

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