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create google account|create new gmail

create google account|create new gmail Benefits of creating a new google account How to create a new google account register page Log in to your Goo

Many users are looking for a way to communicate with the community in the normal case, and this need for communication increases when it is related to a deeper level to include the areas of buying and selling or e-marketing.

In a more precise sense, it was associated with the value of what a person offers to obtain in exchange for that, and to distinguish this person from that, a set of things were linked to form an identifying identity for that person to distinguish him from the rest of the people in the same society.

These miscellaneous items are the name, address, contact numbers, and other accounts that together constitute the link between individuals and companies.

Many companies have appeared that provide e-mail account creation services, and the competitiveness and quality of performance have increased, and their ability to securely integrate with applications and software, which necessitates more protection and security measures, to enhance the security of users and preserve the privacy of their data .

Many companies have appeared in this field, the most important of which is Google, the owner of the giant Google search engine, and despite its leadership in the scene, it is necessary to mention the competing companies and sites as a simple overview, and they are:

Google's competitors in providing Email account creation and services:

Importance of creating a new google account:

A Google account is one of the most important accounts that Internet users must have. of an email address and password.

It should be noted that the Google account is similar to the login information for the Google AdSense account, as the Google account allows you to easily switch to and from any of the different Google services that use the common login information and with only one account such as Google Google, Gmail account, Google AdSense account, Blogger blog, your YouTube channel.

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create google account|create new Gmail

Benefits of creating a new google account:

A Google account gives you access to many Google products (some are available on Google without an account):

  • Find your new and favorite video on YouTube.
  • Possibility of dealing with terminalsinternet of things iot.
  • The ease of dealing with self-driving cars like a Tesla car.
  • Google account includes frp protection in the Android operating system to prevent data theft after theft the phone.
  • Support for special features in Google Pixel phones.
  • Support for taking and editing notes and alerts via 
  • The possibility of converting a Google account into an alarm via the Google search engine You can write ten minutes timer With ten minutes replaced by the time required for Google to instantly start a countdown and then play a ringtone for the google account.
  • Supporting space monitoring for amateurs and researchers, and saving their research through their Google account, which is similar to Google Maps, but it is for space, and you can access it via
  • Supporting scientific research via Google's huge library of and its great desktop search tool ngrams
  • Supporting websites and online stores with research and analysis tools in the field of digital marketing, and of course, as before, you need to create a google account, and among these tools stats for Google trends.
  • Think with Google, then turn your ideas into value that the public will benefit from (you will get richer) after creating a Google account, registering with Google, and entering what I call the Idea Machine thinkwithgoogle.
a>, and using it for electronic marketing of your own product (the value of what your target audience needs) and sharing experiences with others to be a reliable reference, as well as profit from commission marketing and affiliate links, and you can also benefit from displaying ads on it.

  • Create an adsense account and make money online This is done by linking your account with the website or Blogger blog, as well as integrating it with smart phone applications and software, as if you were a professional in programming and creating applications.

All of the above and many more benefits of creating a google account you should know are linked to your account With the security of Google, such as two-step verification, security numbers, and other various security methods, this makes you feel safe that you will not lose your gains that you have worked so hard to collect, in addition to the wide security integration options with various applications (and this, in my opinion, is the essential point that we need as an audience and users).

How to create a new google account step by step:

  1. Go to register page Log in to your Google account.
  2. Click Create Google Account.
  3. Begin by registering your basic information to create a new Google Account
  4. Enter your full and exact name and nickname.
  5. Click Please use your current email address.
  6. Enter your current email address.
  7. Click Next to continue creating your Google account.
  8. Wait for a while and then open a code message Confirmation that you will receive the email you entered in the previous step.
  9. Verify your email address using the code you received by entering it in the confirmation field.
  10. By completing the previous step, you have activated and created a new Google account.

Important notes and tips when creating a Google account:

  • Secure your Google account by adding Your personal phone number for Google Account recovery
  • It is recommended to add a secondary email address for Google Account recovery in case of loss of the phone and facilitate access in this case via any other phone or computer.
  • The previous two steps can be followed with a single check or both together, which is called two-step verification.
  • You can use a USB security key, which is paid, as an additional security option for your Google account.
  • When we say google account, it means Your YouTube channel, blog, website, or AdSense account, and therefore risking it means exposing your business, projects, and ambitions to danger because of your negligence in the security of your account.
  • Whenever an error occurs or warning messages appear, we recommend that you always change your google account password as a precaution.
  • Never use your google account on sites classified as unsafe or apps installed from unknown sources.
  • When you are forced to use a Google account in cafes and Internet lounges, do not forget to log out, although I do not advise that at all, and this is due to the emergence of software that records the screen without the user’s knowledge, including keystrokes , including conversations or passwords that are withdrawn as you move through different pages and sites.
  • Your personal account is exposed to all possibilities in the event that security precautions are not taken seriously, so we always advise you to save backup copies of your files, mail messages, contact lists, and save them on another save source ( as an external memory disk).

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