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How to create your own blog on the Internet: the comprehensive step-by-step guide on the techno-scien platform.

But now you may be wondering: How do I create a successful blog? How do I start? The Internet is teeming with different information and every website you consult tells you something different from the one before it.

This is where you might start thinking that it's hard and impossible, and you might eventually change your mind and back out of this step. You do not have to miss this golden opportunity, nor give up on this dream, because we will put in your hands in today's article the comprehensive guide on how to create a blog and profit from it online.

First: Why should you enter the field of blogging and create your own blog?

There is no doubt that you have heard a lot about the advantages and advantages of blogging online, but if all of that did not motivate you enough to take this Step, the following reasons may push you to do so:

  • Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to communicate and spread information and news. There are literally millions of popular websites and bloggers as well as independent blogs as well (we will know the difference between them later in the article).
  • Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your knowledge and experience with others. By creating your own blog, you will undoubtedly become a better writer, and possibly even a better photographer and broadcaster!
  • The most important reason of all is that you will be able to monetize your blog.
  • You probably know all these reasons, otherwise you wouldn't have made the decision to start your own blog and came here to find out how to do it. But it is always useful to recall these positives and advantages.

Second: Steps to create a blog and profit from it:

Well, let's move on to the most important topic, which is how to create a blog and start making a real profit from it. Here are 6 main steps to do this:

1- Choose the right blogging platform for you:

Choosing where/platform you will build your blog on is undoubtedly the first step you have to do do them.

There are many platforms that allow you to create a blog on it, but the majority of bloggers online use WordPress to create their blogs, whether through a hosted site or through self-hosted ) with a rate of 48% of the total bloggers.

Create a blog online
Create a blog online

It is the platform that we also encourage you to choose to create your blog, due to its ability to add plugins, designs and other tools that help you develop and customize your blog as you wish.

In addition to WordPress, there are other platforms such as:

  • Blogger: It is a special platform from Google and is considered the best after wordpress.
  • Tumblr: It is a social and blogging platform that is fun and easy to use as well. Let us know through the comments if you would like us to publish a special article that includes a comprehensive guide on how to create a Blogger blog.

2- Decide whether you want to create a free or paid blog:

Deciding whether your blog is free or paid is one of the most important decisions you will make during This is your trip. Where platforms such as Tumblr, Blogger and even WordPress provide the ability to create a free blog that is hosted on these platforms and is known as a "hosted blog".

This is a great option for people who want to start a blog as a hobby only (not as a job or real income). There are some drawbacks to using this option in creating your blog:

Impossibility to have your own domain name :

When creating a free blog on WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, your domain address will be ( domain name) is kinda ugly, and it probably won't be quite what you'd like.

Try creating a free blog on one of these sites and you should see your blog address appear as follows:


It's an ugly title, and it will always make you feel that you don't really own your blog, and I'm affiliated with another site or platform, especially if you want to build yourself a strong presence on the Internet.

Lots of Limitations and Limitations:

There are many limitations associated with creating a free blog. At first, you will not be able to turn it into a major source of profit from the Internet. You won't be able to add all those photos and videos that you want to share with the world, and what's more, you won't even be able to use the free WordPress designs!

Blog ownership is not yours!

As silly and illogical as it may sound, your free blog isn't actually your blog! In the end, it is a blog that is hosted on another platform, and this platform can delete it whenever it wants.

This has happened before, and it will happen in the future as well. Which means that all those hours spent writing your blogs and all that effort curating and designing them could be wasted in just a few minutes.


If you choose to create a self-hosted blog, you will in this case get a domain name of your own, and the address of your blog will appear in the address bar on Google as follows:“”

Isn't that cool?! Not only that, you can also end the address with any addition you want, that could be "com." or "uk." or "net." Or any other default addition.

Without forgetting, of course, the freedom to add as many videos, images, and content as you like, as well as the ability to use all the free WordPress themes available to you.

And here you might be wondering: How much does a “self-hosted” blog cost?

It's actually not as expensive as you think, and you can get it for only $5-10 per month depending on the provider's site.

3- Start by setting up your blog (in case you chose the paid or self-hosted blog):

This step is specifically for those who chose to create their own blog on WordPress and it was a paid blog . In this case, you have to find your own domain name, as well as a hosting company that will host your blog.

The following explains what each of these means:

  • Domain: It means the link or URL of your blog. For example is a domain name, so is ...etc.
  • Hosting: The company that takes care of publishing your website/blog on the internet for users to see. It is where your blog content is stored on the web.

There are many hosting companies where you can save your blog and buy a suitable domain name from them for a reasonable amount of money, such as Bluehost and Hostgator.

Whether you choose one of these two sites or another, you can easily and with one click to add WordPress to the hosting site and start working on your own blog….Yes, so simply, you will have your own blog on the Internet!

4- Choose the appropriate design for your blog:

Now you can start choosing the appropriate design you want. In this case, you have two options:

    Either choose one of the free themes available on WordPress.
  • Or buy a ready-made theme from a specialized site like for a reasonable price of around $40.
  • Always try to choose a simple and professional look for your blog while making it easy to customize. Also remember that this blog expresses you and your personality but also the content you provide, so if your blog is about tennis for example, it doesn't make sense to choose a design related to football, just because you love the sport!

    Another tip to keep in mind is to choose a layout that makes it easy to navigate between pages and sections of your blog. If your site is complex and difficult to navigate, readers will be alienated from it.

    It is true that design and art are relative, meaning that everyone may prefer something different, but there is no doubt that no one likes ugly websites, and everyone without exception hates sites and blogs that need a college degree to understand them!

    5- Add the appropriate plugins to your blog:

    The next step in creating a successful blog on the Internet is to add the plugins or plugins that help you manage your blog better. First and foremost, make sure to keep the number of extensions you use to a minimum.

    Because using a large number of them and resorting to unreliable plugins will slow down your blog and affect the number of visitors to your site. When creating your own blog, start by adding the following plugins:

    WordPress Most Important Plugins:

    1- Yoast SEO:

    This is the most commonly used WordPress plugin. . It helps you write content that is suitable for search engines. It gives you tips and advice to make your blog of higher quality and more attractive to readers. You can learn more about this plugin by visiting Yoast SEO official website.

    2- Google Analytics for WordPress :

    This plugin from MonsterInsights allows you to easily track web traffic on your blog and provides you with a lot of other useful data that you can analyze and use in writing content in the future Example:

    • Total traffic on your blog.
    • The web traffic sources you're getting.
    • The number of web pages viewed per month by visitors to your site or English pageviews.
    To learn more about this plugin visit the official Google Analytics website for WordPress 6.

    6- Start writing engaging content for your blog:

    Congratulations! You've finally managed to create your blog and it's time to actually start blogging... You've passed all those complicated technical stages, it's time for the real fun and from here your passion will begin, and your creative skills in producing content in all its forms will begin.

    The most important elements of writing your blog content on the Internet:

    There are many elements to consider when creating a blog or website, we advise you to read them carefully and we welcome responses and comments in the comments section.

    Written Content:

    Introduce yourself on the "Who am I" or "About Us" page, and add your contact details through the "Contact Us" page. Also, set up the content of the home page that will be the first thing a visitor will see of your blog.

    Image :

    Add to your blog a personal photo of yourself (You can use a suitable selfie at first, but later make sure to add a professional photo of you. Because site visitors are actually more attracted to people's photos than

    Your Logo :

    Create your own logo using software such as InDesign, Photoshop or other simple design software. If you want to spend some extra cash, you can get a professional design from a graphic designer you know or through sites like 99designs.

    High Quality Images:

    Enrich your articles and blogs with high quality images, whether by taking them yourself, if you have the skill of photography, or by downloading them from websites Free or paid niche like:

    Comments Section:

    Specify whether or not you want to add a private comment section to your blog. Knowing that giving your audience the opportunity to interact with your content and express their opinion will greatly help you in getting direct feedback, developing your content in the future, and even getting new ideas for the content as well.

    Blog Presence on Social Media Networks and Platforms:

    It is important for your blog to have a presence on social media platforms, so think about the content you provide in your blog and select the most appropriate platform for you to build your presence accordingly. In which.

    You can also choose more than one platform, but the best thing is to focus on only one platform at the beginning so as not to distract yourself and waste your efforts in vain.

    Your blog is all set to start writing articles on it. In the beginning, make sure that you maintain consistency by publishing at least one article every week, so that you can build a strong base of loyal audience that will follow your blog constantly.

    If you're feeling lost on how to write relevant content, don't worry... You can check out our series of content writing articles on Learn that will put you on the right track to start your blogging journey.

    The summary of our article on creating a blog:

    Creating your own blog on the Internet is not an impossible task as it may seem to you, with some determination, and with a little will, focus and some dedication you will undoubtedly be able to build As soon as readers start visiting your site and reading what you write, and with the increase in the number of pages viewed by readers, you will be able to convert these views and visits into real income and profit, whether through Google ads, network marketing or other methods of making money online .


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