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How to Make Money Advertising Google AdSense

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How to Make Money Advertising Google AdSense using websites and blogger blogs within a simplified explanation of concepts on the science and technology platform for science and technology.

These are the most famous ways to profit from Google, which many people know, and which are recommended Also a lot of experts, anyone who wants to start the journey of profit from the Internet.

How to Make Money Advertising  AdSense

Google Adsense provides Google AdSense a way for publishers to profit from the Internet to earn money from their content that they will publish online.

Profiting from Google AdSense is not done in a random way as some believe, due to Google's keenness to achieve a fair profit and preserve the rights of advertisers and publishers alike, and the Google AdSense partner program works by matching the ads that will appear on your website (or your YouTube channel) based on Your content and in line with the interests of your visitors.

Of course, the final motive for the money will be the advertisers so that the ads that visitors will eventually see on your website are created, and they are paid for by the advertisers who want to promote their products with the aim of increasing the number of interested consumers, which means increasing the buying and selling processes to achieve more profits.

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First: What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a service provided by Google to content owners or publishers ( Publishers) so that it acts as an intermediary between them and the advertisers.

Let me explain to you how Google Adsense works with this practical example:

While you are walking on the street and public roads, do you not see billboards on the sides way, which ads for various companies and services are placed on them?

Maybe you walk today and find an advertisement for Pepsi, and tomorrow you will find an advertisement for a TV series... And so on. These ad spaces are owned by certain companies and organizations (such as a technology company corporation Ma), which rents out these banners to various companies to place their ads on for periods Agreed.

These companies design the ads according to the dimensions of each billboard, and then pay them For officials to distribute it to the places that have been agreed upon.

Some companies prefer to make advertisements in certain governorates or on certain streets and on certain days … It depends on the industry and the product or service being offered.

This is exactly what happens in the AdSense program ... Google is renting out certain spaces in The various websites you cooperate with, so that companies rent them to place It has some ads.

Look at the lines you're reading right now Didn't you yourself see one or more ads while reading this The article … you will find some pictures that say (AD) this word is an abbreviation of Advertisement which means advertisement in English.

Google Adsense earnings in terms of concept:

Google leases these ad spaces and organizes the targeting and display process Results for advertisers through google ads tools.

And then share a percentage of the profits with publishers such as the owners of the sites participating in Google Adsense Program.

The percentage of profits varies in terms of the nature of the content, the language and the country of each publisher... No Worry, I will put in your hands later all the information you need about Google Adsense and how it is done Calculate the profit and how to participate in it with ease.

All I want from you right now is to know well how Google Adsense works, and how you can profit from it In general, through websites.

Make Money Advertising Google AdSense for websites and blogs:

There are some advantages that make profit from Google Adsense by owning a website One of the best ways to profit from Google and the Internet in general.

What are the advantages of earning from Google Adsense??

  • The ease and simplicity of creating websites
  • The process of receiving profits is safe and guaranteed, you are cooperating with one of the largest companies the scientist.
  • You can control what ads are placed on your site.
  • The profit from this method depends on the amount of traffic that visits your site, the more The greater the higher the profit.
  • This method may need to do some experiments over time, and adjust special settings You get even higher advertising revenue.
  • The profit from this method may be somewhat small, especially in sites that are within the middle and poor countries, but a continuous and guaranteed profit.

When can I get started with Google Adsense?

You can start in this step to profit from Google now if you have a site … you will find all The information you need in a Google search such as:

  1. How to register for Google Adsense.
  2. What conditions must your website have in order not to be rejected?
  3. How you can adjust your website settings to increase your Google Adsense earnings.

This was a simple summary as an introduction to many series of qualitative and interesting articles Wait for more on the techno-scien platform for science and technology.

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