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What are the benefits of Pilates, Pilates is a sport that has recently become popular in sports centers.
Joseph Pilates developed Pilates in the early twentieth century, after it was invented by a German.
The exercises work a stretch for breathing, and this contributes to burning fat, and helps to form the muscles of the body. You can learn about the benefits of Pilates through the techno-scien platform.

Practice Pilates:

  • Pilates is a body conditioning exercise, and it helps to coordinate the legs, arms, back, and abdomen, and makes the body have strength, and the ability to Endurance, flexibility is built for the body.
  • Pilates exercises are suitable for all age groups, the elderly, and pregnant women. Pilates exercises are suitable for all bodies, as they do not cause any health problems for those who practice them, as Pilates exercises are a set of exercises, and each person has his own exercises according to his health condition and age, and it is not necessary for the trainee to have physical fitness. There are exercises for Pilates, For those who don't move much.
  • It also helps to improve the performance of his physical fitness, raises their level of activity, and does not make them feel aches and pains.

Benefits of Pilates exercises?:

Pilates exercises have two ways to do it well and the first method, which is simple, where the person does Pilates exercises on a mat or sports carpet, and it is very suitable To practice it at home.

As for the second method, in which a person uses machines and devices to practice them, it is also practiced in sports clubs, and under the supervision of a specialist in Pilates training, and this method is very suitable for people who do not suffer from health conditions.

A professional trainer also helps a person provide everything he needs, from exercises to focus on strengths and weaknesses in the person's body.

pilates workout program
pilates workout program

Benefits of Pilates exercises:

  • Helps in fitness for the entire body, and this happens because Pilates exercises contribute to the development of all parts of the body, thus developing balance. It also enhances muscle strength, flexibility, and increases joint range of motion.
  • These exercises require breathing and the mind primarily, and all of this makes Pilates exercises provide an integrated fitness unlike any other exercises, which cannot achieve such a level of fitness.
  • Exercise helps make the person who exercises it adaptable to the level of needs and physical fitness.
  • Pilates exercises are suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced.
  • These exercises also help to create a healthy alignment between the body and the mind in a way that suits all individual needs, and puts emphasis in building core strength.
  • Pilates exercises contribute to building and toning muscles, creating strength for a person, helping to keep and toned body, and facilitating body movement in daily life.
  • Pilates exercises increase the flexibility of the body, as it increases the stretching and length of the muscles, and works to make the joints range of motion wider. Pilates exercises help to make the body lose weight, and this changes the shape of the body on a regular basis. As these exercises make the muscles longitudinal, and this makes their size smaller.
  • Helps burn fat, and this is because during these exercises the body depends on breathing.
  • These exercises help improve muscle strength, and make them move easier.
  • Pilates helps to keep the body in proportion, because these exercises help to enhance the shape of the body. This is because exercise makes the body stronger and toned.
  • Finally, the practice of Pilates helps to increase the body's energy, because it makes the person breathe, and this stimulates the muscles, the spine, and stimulates blood circulation.

The difference between Pilates exercises and Yoga exercises:

  • Pilates exercises are in agreement with the well-known yoga exercises, in that each of them depends on focusing on developing the flexibility of the body, and increase its strength.
  • It also works to develop the body's balance, determines the body's strengths, improves its weaknesses, improves body posture, and improves breathing.
  • Yoga differs from Pilates exercises, in that it focuses more on the spiritual aspects, which is not the case with Pilates exercises.
  • Yoga exercises depend mainly on posture and body movement.
  • Pilates exercises depend on precise movements and the ability to reach Points, strengths, and weaknesses of the body. And work to improve and strengthen the performance of the body, and this is more than what happens through yoga exercises.
  • Both yoga and Pilates exercises help in strengthening the body, as they work to tighten and strengthen all the muscles in the body. Pilates exercises focus more on toning and strengthening the muscles than yoga exercises. This is because Pilates uses different machines that burn calories.
  • Yoga exercises do not use equipment or machines while practicing.


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