What is a backlinks in SEO,

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Backlink|What is Backlink?, Tricks and Ways to Build Backlinks, How to Get Free Backlinks Fast Without Link Building Like most people in the SEO world, you probably think you need time, effort and money to build high backlinks the quality. But I will help you learn how to get free backlinks to your site quickly so that you focus on creating premium content, because it builds backlinks without extra effort and link building money.

In this article on the techno-scien platform for science and technology, we will show you how to deal with links in websites.

What is a backlink in SEO?

Backlink|What is Backlink?, Tricks and ways to create backlink networks, (backlink backlink site backlink what is backlink Link).

A backlink is simply a link that points from one site to another. When a website links to your site, it is called a backlink to your site. Backlinks are essential for SEO because they act as trust votes from one site to another.

Google looks at backlinks to gauge your site's popularity and reliability, which are probably the highest-ranking factors Google uses in their algorithms.

In other words, if you want to rank higher on Google, you need backlinks, and that doesn't mean you don't need high-value content or quality functionality on your site, and it doesn't mean Also that all backlinks are created equal.

What is an example of a backlink?

We can define backlinks or backlinks as the internal and external links to and from your website, and they are not limited to external links, but go beyond them to internal links, in a lengthy article. A little bit, and we hope that you will benefit, dear readers.

Dofollow backlinks:

Do-follow backlinks are the most valuable type of backlink because they are counted by Google as a vote of confidence in favor of your website. By linking to your site with a backlink dofollow link, they tell Google that your site is worth linking to.

And here we would like to point out that all backlinks should not be dofollowed as “following” because it is not normal to have all backlinks dofollow, as there must be a backlink nofollow which we will overlook in the paragraph next.

nofollow backlinks:

The nofollow backlink does not link the web crawler to your website, and this does not give your website a vote to contribute to raising your site's ranking in the search ladder within the Google algorithm Google, however nofollow backlinks can still be valuable because they can drive traffic to your site.

If someone links to your website using the nofollow link, it means that your site is closely related to that keyword that you have included. Update the link or change the file.

Both types of backlinks are undoubtedly important, you can't get away from this on your website.

What is a backlinks in SEO,How do I do it?
What is a backlinks in SEO,How do I do it?

How does a backlink work?

The goal is to get other websites to link to your website without much effort, the best way to get free backlinks is to create great content and get people to link to it naturally because the content he is the king.

When people create content, they will search for relevant information on Google or elsewhere. Naturally, they will include a primary source in their content such as references, or original articles, in this way a free backlink is created!.

Articles and Related References:

For example, let's say you have a blog post about getting high-quality backlinks to your site, and while you're researching, you come up with an article for one of your friends, you'll easily add it As a source, as a reference, or as a related article, which is good for search engine optimization for your site, especially if the backlink is from a high-authority site in its place in terms of domain authority and page authority.

Conditions for reference and related articles:

  • If you want someone to reference your content, make sure your content is:
  • Content that is relevant to the main article he is writing, not for example about food and the main article is technical reviews
  • The relevant article or reference must be true and accurate Scientifically documented
  • The article or reference should be readable, enrich your main article and document its readable information (not audio or video)
    li It should always be up to date, old articles and newer references take precedence in the search
  • Relevant articles remain positive references to other sites and are better than the competition!
  • Don't just create written content; you can also add e-books (download your e-books and intellectual products)
  • Don't Forget Tools Tag as related links (start with your affiliate digital marketing tools as affiliates)
  • Create software and apps and include them as related links

Create free content And resources that serve the public for free:

Note that not everyone will create useful resources such as free tools and applications for free, and if they want to, they will require a lot of time and effort, just buy or build these resources and provide them for free The benefit is directing traffic to your valuable content.

The best way to get free backlinks is to create free resources and rank them in search engines, if you can do that, people will link to your site naturally without having to ask for it!

This section will share the types of valuable content you can create to get high-quality backlinks to your site quickly without creating a link!

Free Content as How-to Guides for Doing Things:

One of the most popular types of content on the internet is a how-to guide, many people love to learn how to do things and work, especially if they struggle with If they don't know how to do their work, you will be their saviour.

Important points for creating helpful how-to articles:

  • Don't talk about something you don't know and the correct answer could compete with another competitor's site, so choose a topic that you are very familiar with.
  • Do your own research Do an online and online search on this, and don't take ready-made, undocumented information.
  • Explain like children and create a step-by-step guide on how to do it.
  • Text alone doesn't get the point across, so be sure to include plenty of screenshots, images, and illustrations.
  • Avoid difficult symbols and jargon in your essay and make it as legible and understandable as possible.

Some examples of how-to guides:

  • How to Create SEO Content
  • Learn how Clean your computer and add thermal paste to a CPU cooler
  • Learn how to build a Blogger blog and monetize it through blogging
  • How to publish content Articles with a Click on Internet
  • Learn How to Create a PayPal Account
  • How to Create an Email Account
  • How to prepare your favorite meal (kebab in the oven, for example) 😁

Build evaluation models and study projects for free:

If you start with a business or an idea, whether You succeeded in implementing them or not, so I recommend that you share your experience with others in all transparency, highlighting the positives and negatives, in addition to your conclusions, knowing that people like to read case studies very much, as they see them as prior experiences that may be their ideas and their view as an extension of what you have reached with its negatives and positives.

In order to highlight the negatives and positives in an assessment and a case study, then share it with others, and in order to receive the required success, as we have said, transparency is important and honesty in conveying information and description, in addition to the sequence of implementation and then the difficulties you faced and how you overcame them And do not forget to add the appropriate data and statistics that support the evaluation.

Create pdf e-books and publish them for free:

It is said that the best friend is the book, and with technology crowding out the importance of the book in our hearts, it will remain the focus of change in our lives. The problem of people is that they cannot carry packages Large books and folders, especially on public transportation or when waiting at the dentist, for example, or at the bus stop.

On this principle, writing an e-book is a great option if you are looking for a more in-depth way to earn backlinks and frankly I see that it builds you a large audience regardless of the backlinks to your website, especially since e-books give a lot of value For readers, and this increases the likelihood of them linking to your website when you share your e-book with others, especially since it is a free door to an engineering sequence from the audience that is increasing day by day.

Tips when writing e-books:

  • Be true to what you write.
  • Don't write about things you haven't tried and tested. li
  • Do not talk in your book about matters that could be misinterpreted or refuted by arguments by competitors.
  • Do not be arrogant about the readers of your books and make your quest hard to convey the idea, as not all people are of the same level in knowledge or intelligence.
  • Choose a topic that interests you and is of value to your audience, and compile a comprehensive guide with all the important points.
  • Take care of the quality of your words and terminology to suit your audience.
  • One of the most important points is to write an introduction section for you that contains your important links, contact numbers and accounts official.
  • Don't forget to build the book and convert it to pdf, plus hard copies if you want
  • Once you're done, make your e-book available To download as a PDF on your site.

You can rely on the ready-made e-book templates provided by some sites, so that you can create e-books and many other resources using several sites and software such as Canva, and there are a lot of ready-made templates for e-books.

Building free tools and applications.

This is useful for programmers or experienced programming, as tools and applications help attract high-quality backlinks because they provide a lot of value to users of these applications and programs, whether they are for the computer Or the phone, because it is one of the tools and technical resources that people can use to help them perform a task.

And of course you can hire an expert or trusted programmer as the developer or use the APIs to do it quite easily .
Canva .

  • Don't forget to include references and articles, and put your important links to gain backlinks, and potential traffic.

Creating posts for checklists of things:

You can create checklist posts for lists of some things, programs, applications, and tools, and so that they aim to provide real value that others need, and this requires several points And tips that we should focus on. Some of them are mentioned in our next paragraph:

Tips for creating checklists and ratings to gain links and follow-ups:

  • Honesty in the assessment and performing reviews without bias, whether the result is negative or not. positively.
  • Experience is said to be the best proof, so don't talk about a product you haven't tried, though I advise giving the experience its due away from the initial look.
  • The products (experimental mice) should be of the same type and type, and the difference is in the producing companies.
  • The products should have market value, high-level search for similar products, and not be a duplicate experience among competitors.
  • You can include affiliate links for these products, and do not forget to rate honestly, so as not to lose your credibility.
  • Products are publicly available for delivery and shipment if ordered through your referral links.
  • Try to have the products approved for the return or compensation policy for customers, this gives you an additional marketing advantage.
  • Don't forget to introduce yourself as well as your important contact and follow links.

Building blogger or wordpress templates:

In fact, this is one of the best ways to gain backlinks and support your important sites and pages, and don't forget that the audience of users, including me, We prefer free things on the condition that they perform a task, are of value and help us get our work done.

Do not forget to add links to your website and pages of communication with your audience, taking into account periodic updates, if necessary.
Fully trust that one dovodofollow link is worth twice the price of the template that helps your sites improve search and lead in Online search ladder, in addition to the large visits that will be returned to your original site to see all new, as well as in search of explanation, solutions and answers.

Building groups for communication and seminars:

You can take advantage of your YouTube channel, or create a private group for yourself, in which you introduce people to you, your fields of work, gain fame and profits, in addition to merging them with the previous methods The ones we mentioned, will form your own strength on the Internet that supports each other, not the least of which is affiliate marketing, and bring traffic through your links that you will put in the description boxes.

Creating podcast channels for communication:

Gossip must break into the field of technology, at the very least, the tongue muscle needs constant exercise, which does not get tired of gossip, and the idea is to turn gossip into money, and free visits It depends largely on the art of public speaking, the quality of speech, and its integration with tools and techniques that support optimization.

Many of us are walking in the street, or tired of boring radio news, and perhaps driving in a traffic jam. To learn certain skills, or even to put forward certain discussions that are not without praising a particular product or a particular site or even talking about one of the previous points, and the matter becomes more efficient if it is linked to reviews and evaluations.

So podcast type content is an excellent way to promote with backlinks, because it offers a lot to listeners because, audience can easily share it, as a kind of unintended contribution from them to your marketing.

To create a podcast, use tools such as Anchor.fm or , and you can publish sites that support podcasts, such as SoundCloud.


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