root a phone of any kind for all versions of Android

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How to root a phone of any kind for all versions of Android

Are you looking for a way to root your Android phone? Have you tried some rooting methods such as using kingroot and it didn't work for you? In this article, I will explain to you more than one method, which are the most important and effective ways to root any Android mobile .

First, before we start with the methods of rooting , you must first know what is root ? What are its benefits and what motivates us to root our Android phone? What are the disadvantages of root ?

How to root a phone of any kind for all versions of Android
How to root a phone of any kind for all versions of Android

What is a root?

Rooting is the process of getting rid of system restrictions and controlling all the powers of the Android system, meaning that after rooting , you can change anything in your phone system without any restrictions and without any obstacles.

And all people are looking for a root work because there are a lot of applications that require that the phone be rooted (i.e. the process has been successfully rooted).

These applications request this because they want to take permissions in the android system to be able to carry out their tasks.

What is the benefit of root and why do we do it?

For everyone who asks about the benefit of root , there are many benefits, the most important of which is that any application that requires root to work will work and open with you without any problems.

The second benefit is that you can play and change the mobile themes such as changing the shape of the font for example.

And many other benefits.
Root disadvantages?

One of the most important defects of rooting is that your phone is out of warranty, meaning that in the event that, God forbid, your phone was damaged and you took it to warranty, there they will check the phone and if they find the phone is rooted, they will tell you that we will not be able to repair it, you must take it and repair it on your account.

Now the important question is how to root the Android phone ?

How to root Android phone 2022

There are many ways to root, for example, through the Vimos program , including using other programs and methods, and we will cover the most important and successful of these methods.

kingroot program

King Root is the most popular program in this field, but despite this, it has some disadvantages as well as advantages.

kingroot One of its most important features is its easy and simple interface, which enables you to root easily just by pressing the “One Click Root” button, or the button is called “start root” or “try root” depending on the version you downloaded.

To download Kingroot for Android: Click here

But in many phones this application does not work and this is because there are no drivers for your phone model in the software database.

In this case, you should try another of the following methods
Root Android on PC with Dr.Fone

If the KingRoot application does not work for you , you must root your Android on your computer.

Steps to Root Android on PCDownload Dr.Fone

  • Install the program on your computer and run it
  • Activate the USB debugging mode on your phone by:
  • Now go to the phone settings, then go to about the phone, then you will find it written “version number” click on it three consecutive clicks until it tells you that you have become a developer
  • After that, take a step back, then you will find a new button called “Developer options” enter it and scroll down, then you will find a box called “USB debugging” activate it.
  • After that, a window will appear for you on your phone, tick the “always allow from this computer” box, then press “OK.”
always allow from this computer
always allow from this computer

Now you will find that the program has started scanning your phone, and then all you have to do is press the “Root Now” button.

After completion, it will tell you that your Android phone has been successfully rooted.

Of course, there are many other features and features in the dr fone program. One of these features, for example , is the recovery of deleted photos, and you can explore more within the program on your own.

The important question now is what if all these methods fail?

If the previous methods fail, this means that your phone model is not popular and its root drivers are not available on root programs

So you have no solution but to download the root drivers yourself and install them on your phone

Root in recovery mode

The first step is to download the root drivers for your phone. Just type on Google the name of your phone + phone model + root file, meaning it will look like this Galaxy A80 SM-A805FD.

Of course, the phone model you will find in the phone settings (about phone) or if the phone cover is opened, you will find it written behind the battery.

Enter any search result and download the root file and put it on the memory card and insert the card in your phone.Now turn off the phone and press the volume down button and the power button, and if your phone has a Home button, press it, meaning that you will press the three buttons together to enter the recovery mode.
On some phones, instead of the volume down button, it is the volume up button
This interface will show you, move between these options using the volume buttons, scroll down to select Apply update from external storage.
Choose it by pressing the power button.

Root in recovery mode
Root in recovery mode

Now, an interface will appear for you, move inside it until you reach the place where the root file was placed and install it, and then you will find that the mobile has restarted
After rebooting, you will find an application that was installed under the name SuperSU. If you find it, it means that the root has been successfully completed.


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