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As many maintenance technicians, especially phone maintenance, face some problems related to diagnosing and identifying malfunctions of the devices that were received in the maintenance shop, which are Accompanied by a customer complaint "Battery runs out quickly".

The malfunction may be due to the battery or visible malfunctions such as wetting or salting, or malfunctions common.

Power consumption in the mobile phone
Power consumption in the mobile phone

Power consumption in the mobile phone:

It is the value of the energy consumed by the mobile from the battery during the operation of the mobile phone.

We can measure the energy consumption of the mobile phone by the power supply device after Press the power button, and if the consumption exceeds this normal value, the ampere will be withdrawn which is next :

  • On average, it ranges between "0.18 to 0.45" mA, and therefore when we see these values This mobile works normally.
  • Sometimes during the boot process, these values ​​rise and can reach "1.0" Ampere.
  • In order to accurately calculate the consumption of the mobile, the mobile must wait until the automatic entry Sleep mode, or what is called "Sleep Mode".
  • After the device enters this mode, we can wait for up to a minute and we will find that The ampere indicator has returned to zero, thus making sure that the phone consumption is normal.
  • If the mobile continues to draw the ampere while entering “Sleep Mode” This means that the mobile battery consumes more than the normal rate of consumption, and here We will notice that the customer’s complaint ““The mobile gets charged quickly”.

But we have to pay attention to an important note that helps us know the component or the ice. The cause of the high consumption of the mobile, for example:

If the ampere indicator rises when the power pushbutton switch is pressed by a value higher than The normal rate, which is equivalent to on average between "0.18 to 0.45" mA.

This means that the reason for the consumption is one of the disconnects (power circuit), for example The example is:

Power crystal - signal processor - main processor - flash - RAM - AISI power


Leakage is simply the presence of hydration or salting caused by the presence of water deposits under a piece or Many of the components in the board, especially the pieces on the feather line Battery" - "V-Bat".

  • We can determine the causes of leakage by measuring the resistance at the tips of the battery blades.
  • Using a multimeter and on the diode mode, the resistance of the battery blades is measured .
  • Using an ovometer and on the buzzer position, the resistance of the battery blades is measured.
  • The correct name for the measurement of impedance is the measurement of resistance
  • The red end is placed on the ground of the board, and the black end on the positive vane probe (+).
  • The correct measurement, its value ranges between ((300 to 700)) in one hand, and in the other endless.
  • In cases of high leakage, the resistance measurement value is less than "300" ohms.
  • In some cases, it will give resistance in both directions.

Determine the problem of draining the phone battery quickly and determine the real cause:

In order to locate the parts causing wear or leakage, we must do By direct downloading to the mobile, charging or operating for a long period of time.

After that, the mobile is quickly disassembled so that we can feel the parts that have increased in temperature Noticeable and therefore the cause of the problem.

This method may be tiring for many colleagues, so I don't mind removing the board And try to detect the mobile.

The mobile is powered by power supply and trying to feel all the components in order to monitor Places of parts that have increased temperature.

It is okay to use the fumigation method in order to determine the component responsible for the leak or Consumption.

In order to verify the component causing the leakage malfunction, we must use the power supply.

When we connect the mobile to the powerplay and without pressing the power key, we notice a rise Amp indicator automatically.

We conclude from this automatic withdrawal that there is a high consumption malfunction of a part or component on the "Battery Feather Line" - "V-Bat".

This does not mean that the cause of the leakage malfunction is one of the capacitors in the feeding paths and supply.

It is possible that the causes of the leakage "display connectors paths" as a result of the presence of Salting it, which leads to disconnecting the power device or having a data problem.

Repair is only by cleaning with thinner or gasoline and using a brush.

If the problem is not solved, we can remove the damaged capacitors on the track.

Examination results and solutions:

  • Replacing the worn out part
  • Infusion treatment is by cleaning well or heating and shaking the affected components.

What are the causes of fast battery consumption and discharge in the phone:

  • The battery has expired - this is known from a complaint with the customer.
  • The presence of hydration under one of the pieces connected to the battery line (this is known if the measurement of The impedance on the terminals of the battery blades is less than "300 ohms" and the repair shall be by heating on The pieces connected to the battery line piece by piece and review the measurement after each time.
  • A defect in the device's software files, and we know this when the message "Battery is empty" appears On the screen, despite making sure it is full and working on another device normally.
  • The presence of high consumption in some parts, although the consumption appears to be in the normal range During the examination by the powerplay, but by looking closely, we notice the fluctuation of the amp indicator Especially while the mobile is in sleep mode or what is known as (Deep Sleep Mode) It is the situation that assumes that some mobile parts consume only half of their energy or not Absolutely no energy.

where we find that the ampere indicator, although it is in In an area of less than 0.01 of an ampere, it continues to move right and left continuously wobbling.

This form of consumption can often cause the network system to be disconnected (Signal processor - oscillator - PF network).

  • Some cases of fake charging cause the battery power to be consumed in a short time, due to The processor feels that the battery has been raised even though the mobile phone is not connected to the charger.
  • The presence of some types of viruses in the mobile phone, and we know this from the customer’s complaint if he makes it clear that The phone opens pop-up ads on its own, or installs applications that the customer has not downloaded.
  • Sometimes, some network components may cause the battery to run out, including: Elements are an energy multiplier or ((Power Amplifier)).
  • The fault is diagnosed if the device is disconnected during a call.
  • In the event that the mobile phone overheats during charging with a high consumption, this is It means that the reason for this is often the charging case or one of the components on the track Shipping.
  • If there is a cut in the lighting or there is no lighting at all in the mobile, noticing a height Mobile consumption, this means that there is a defect in the lighting driver.
  • Among the common causes of poor hygiene of the board due to the presence of salting or sediment residues For water, the repair is by washing with a brush and thinner, then drying well.

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