how many sweatcoins per step

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Welcome, dear readers, to a large and deep program that has begun to penetrate the currency market encrypted digital, due to its reliance on the currency Sweatcoin, which began With a value below zero, and because of the passive income it brings to people without extra effort Their usual activities have become walking applications, the most important of which is the famous walking program that we will answer About your questions on him, God willing.

sweatcoin Explanation of the walking program and application:

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Many of us wonder about the walking application and how to make a guaranteed profit from it, especially as it deals with walking In the encrypted digital currency, Sweet Coin, and here on the techno-scien platform for science and technology, we offer You are useful about this program, with continuous updates to the article when everything is new.

This program started like any other program that contains advertisements and earns from them Adding the profit feature from Google through the tracking feature, so it became direct advertisers (among them And between the company) and indirect advertisers (through approved advertising mediations), they deliver By submitting their advertisements to the walking application, especially after the number of downloading the profit program from Sweatcoin tracker reaches more than 3 million monthly subscribers.

Due to the size of the advertising space within the non-stop auctions, the best is chosen And the most appropriate, as well as ads based on the interests of users.

How not, and it depends on the search giant Google, so don't be surprised if you are thinking of buying a scooter Or a bicycle, to be surprised that you appear in an advertisement.

But that's not all, for the sake of honesty it should be noted that there are some ads Which may not suit everyone.

Profit applications from walking and the truth about walking applications:

Sweatcoin walking software allows you to earn cryptocurrency for work and here is the walk With some other aspects, to make profits, do you want a way to practice and earn some coins? You will find the Sweatcoin profit tracking program at the top App Store to help people get something more than just a passing activity Walking and moving and taking those daily steps is a way to make profits.

The startup says it has amassed more than 5 million users a year after its launch Revenue increased 266% in the last quarter. There are more than 2 million Weekly active user on the app, and it's constantly growing, making it one of the apps The fastest growing fitness in the Apple App Store and ranked second in the Free apps.

The relationship of the walking profit app with Google Fit:

Google Fit fully retains the user's activities, subject to approval The user has those powers and grants the necessary permissions to him, as he stores all of them Your fitness information associated with your Google Account and shared with Other apps and devices you use and you've also given them access to and act as parameters to maintain your health.

And if you, as a user, want to know the extent to which the points have been scored to reach the goal or obtain Statistics about your activities, just open the Google Fit app, but in the case of programs As the profit from walking application, it retrieves that information from Google and displays it to you with what It is commensurate with the design of the application, and within the terms of the powers granted to it by the user.

The applications compatible with Google Fit are many and varied, and they are mostly related sports activities and you can معرفة Compatible applications from this link that will take you to Google Fit Google Wit.

Explanation of the installation of the profit application from walking Sweet Coin:

  • Install the sweatcoin earning app from the download links Below
  • Registration by creating a new account, or through social accounts such as Facebook
  • Agree to grant full powers to the device, including working in the background.
  • Give permissions to Map and GPS services so that the app can track Your moves.
  • You also agree to access the Google Fit app.
  • Type your phone number with the country code.
  • Type the confirmation code that you will receive in an SMS text message.
  • Sweetcoin works in a private in-app blockchain container and is not yet done Circulate it like other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, and are traded Outside the application. For information only.
how many sweatcoins per step
how many sweatcoins per step

How to make a profit in walking profit app:

Every 20,000 thousand Sweet Coin will give you $20, that means $200 needs 2 One Million Sweet Queen Pieces
As we mentioned above, after users register and then link health data and fitness of their smartphone and GPS location of the application. The app then tracks it The number of steps you take in a day and it rewards you with the value of “the effort you made, which is Walking" in monetary value according to your movements.

So that for every 1,000 steps recorded, the app will pay 0.95 in Sweet Coin "sweatcoins".
Users can later exchange these coins for fitness equipment exercise programmes, gift cards and a number of other offers.

The programmers of the walking profit application say that you can only earn these coins by Walking outside, so it doesn't theoretically count if you're walking on a treadmill in a hall Sports, although the app on my phone seems to count steps Inside my apartment too, which is a good thing at least.

Disadvantages of walking profit application and program:

  • This application is secure in terms of tracking and data monitoring, especially with its association with Google is safe.
  • This continuous tracking of your steps means that your mobile phone battery can drain It drains much faster than it would without the app.
  • This can be a problem when you're away from home and don't have a portable charger, so You should keep it in mind.
  • Some ads may promote ideas that are incompatible with the values ​​of Islam or other monotheistic religions, so caution should be exercised.
  • The application cannot be considered as a primary source of income, because of what it needs in return for a large amount, which is Walking effort, so we advise you to live a healthy and sporty life, so that the application will be a secondary source of income .
  • If you want to double the income, you will need to upgrade to the paid version Premium, annually or monthly, but this does not mean that you will not walk, but it doubles for you The equivalent of the Sweatcoin.
  • The idea of passive income is positive in financial thinking, so we recommend it to you at all times opportunities in your life.

Difference between the free version and the paid version in the walking profit app:

The free version limits the number of Sweet Coins you can earn per day to Only five, however, you can earn more Sweet coins if you are on Get ready to increase your earnings by using this walking earning app every month to get Higher levels i.e.
To bring you enough value that you can buy any tools or fitness equipment Like it in the store.

Moreover, you can connect with friends, follow users and gain followers On the application of profit from walking. Although the standard version of the app is free However, it also has a paid version and costs $4.99 per month.

And the paid version of the walking earning app allows you to earn twice as many sweet coins Sweatcoin at every step and gives you access to premium features.

But a regular push means it's only worth it if you walk or run a lot, otherwise You may spend more money each month than you earn from walking earning apps like Sweet Sweatcoin.

Models and methods of buying and selling in the application of profit from walking:

The items or services that you can purchase using the Walk Profit App are different Sweatcoin within your account, and here we must point out that you must have A bunch of different options to choose For example, you can get Discounts on fitness memberships, online courses or products Cosmetics, earphones, or subscription boxes for snacks from restaurants or readymade brands.

Linking the profit from walking app with PayPal:

You must know that the exhibits and their prices change on the application of the profit from walking Sweet Queen Sweatcoin frequently, and sometimes you can find offers to redeem Sweatcoin Sweatcoin via PayPal Gift Card.

You will see the refund option more often if you refer more people to Profit application from walking Sweatcoin.
Which means creating a referral link for your account so that you can retrieve, and re-export currency Sweet coin to paypal wallet (Paypal gift card).

If you have a walking Sweatcoin earning app, you will need a high balance To be able to use PayPal, but if you refer at least 100 people, you can Turn that into a $100 PayPal gift card, and currently, there's no way To link your SweatCoins to your PayPal account.

Here, we draw your attention to the fact that each product presentation has a method or a video explaining how Completing the purchase via Sweatcoin, as well as how to recover as money to a wallet Paypal provided it is not less than 20 US dollars, which is equal to 20,000 coins of a currency Sweet Queen.

So far, the financial transfer has not been fully supported directly, but after an investigation The most important conditions are to publish your referral link to reach 100 followers on At least, then you can buy from the offers and ads of the application with the currency of Sweatcoin and then Refund the amount to PayPal gift cards to convert the amount into dollars and on one condition Not less than $20, which means that you buy products whose price may be more than 20,000 pieces Sweet Queen (and these numbers change dramatically).

Download the application for profit from walking Sweet Coin:

You can download the application that I am currently working on from here and subscribe to it, you just have to Fulfilling the condition, which is the participation of 100 friends, to start profiting from walking You come and go to work, to the market, to play football, or to your summer trips and school.
You are a real beneficiary of your physical activities, so why not convert them into money as income Negative without extra effort from you.


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