Are there creatures other than us in the universe?

Are aliens real or not? Where did the idea for aliens come from? Quranic verse Indicate the existence of aliens? What is the relationship of aliens
Questions of some: Are aliens real or not? Where did the idea for aliens come from? Quranic verse Indicate the existence of aliens? What is the relationship of aliens to the pharaohs? Are aliens real in Islam? Are there creatures other than humans in the universe? Is there any evidence that aliens exist? Do the grays exist? What did the Prophet say about the gray ones? What does the Qur'an say about creatures? satellite? What did the apostle say about the end of the world? Is there any evidence that aliens exist? On the techno-scien platform for science and technology.

Are there creatures other than us in the universe? Is there evidence of the existence of aliens?
    Are there creatures other than us in the universe? Is there evidence of the existence of aliens?

Are there creatures other than us in the universe, and what are the Quranic evidence:?

And among these verses is the Almighty saying (Among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the A beast ۚ and He is able to gather them if He wills.) (29) (Surat Al-Shura) And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and all living beings He dispersed throughout both. And He is Most Capable of bringing all together whenever He wills.

And this Quranic verse that talks about the presence of many beings and creatures in this The vast universe, which man did not meet and that God is able to collect. Perhaps the saying of God Almighty (and He creates what you do not know) is the best evidence of the lack of our knowledge And our awareness of what is around us in the universe, so agnostics stand stunned about these coincidences that Do not coincide, praise be to God who has saturated this scientific aspect in the court of the Noble Qur’an, upon The form of signs and disclosures, like a wedge in the mountains, the depth of Everest in the plates of the earth reaches It reaches 150 km, while it appears about 9 km and no more, and it is more like a huge nail or a wedge Rocky, reaching the depth of the magma layers below the tectonic plates. And this is a simple example, so whoever tells us about it 1400 years ago is Himself the Almighty who tells us The existence of creatures, soldiers and life in this vast universe, and each of them has its own laws, life and praise (Have you not seen that God is glorified by whoever is in the heavens and the earth? And the birds swear ۖ And God is All-Knowing of what they do.)Do you not see that Allah is glorified by all those in the heavens and the earth, even the birds as they soar? Each ˹instinctively˺ knows their manner of prayer and glorification. And Allah has ˹perfect˺ knowledge of all they do.light 41.

{There is not an animal on the earth, nor a bird that flies with its wings Except for nations like you, We did not neglect anything in the Books. Then to their Lord they will be gathered.(All living beings roaming the earth and winged birds soaring in the sky are communities like yourselves.1 We have left nothing out of the Record.2 Then to their Lord they will be gathered all together).

Evidences for the existence of life in which the sky resounds from the Prophetic hadith:

Hadith: I see what you do not see and hear what you do not hear. to stoop ; There is not the place of four fingers in it except that an angel rests his forehead to God. prostrate By God, if you knew what I know, you would laugh a little and weep a lot. And you did not enjoy women on the beds, and you went out to the stairways. You dare to God. I wish I were a tree that was supported
Narrator: Abu Dhar Al Ghafari | Updated: Al-Tirmidhi | Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhi
Page or number: 2312 | Summary of the ruling of the Muhaddith: Hasan Gharib .

In explaining the hadith:

The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, used to see and hear things that no human can see. And they do not hear him, and he was kind and merciful to his nation.
In this hadith he tells Abu Dhar al-Ghafari, may God be pleased with him, said that the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace He said: “I see what you do not see, and I hear what you do not hear.” That is, I witness what You cannot see it, and hear the things that you cannot hear. On the authority of you, “the sky swayed,” meaning: it made a sound and made a sound, and the eagle is a sound. Camels and their craving, and the sound of the camels, “and they have the right to grope,” meaning: they had The right is in her arms and she should do so, and the reason is that; "What's in it? the place of four fingers except for an angel with his forehead lowering to God in prostration.” i.e., not There are four fingers in the sky except that there is an angel of the angels in it. lowering his forehead in humiliation and submissiveness in prostration to God, and the meaning: that much of what is in The heavens among the angels weighed it down until it collapsed.

Then he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “By God, if you only knew what I know,” that is: The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, swears by God and says: If you You know what I know of the magnitude, horror and severity of the matter, “You would have laughed.” a little, and you wept a lot.” That is: the less your laughter, and the more your weeping from the horror. You do not know, “And you did not take pleasure in women on the bed,” that is: Nor will you be pleased with them. Enjoying your wives out of fear, dread, and the turmoil and severity of the matter. “And you would have gone out to the high places,” meaning: and you would have left your homes and went out on the roads. And the ways, “Do you plead with God,” that is: you beg God to save you. He will forgive you and pardon you.
Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari, may God be pleased with him, said About him: “I wish that I were a tree that sustains.” It means: I wished that I I was a tree that was cut down and uprooted from its place, and it perished and ended.

Source: Encyclopedia of Sunni Pearls

Aliens between faith, science and science fiction in movies:

Cosmic visitors, provoking all kinds of human interaction, the focus is between the planets. Similarly, travel in the universe inspires a variety of concepts, regarding Of how such things happen, science is at odds with science fiction but with the presence of Faith, many questions do not arise.
Whereas in the absence of faith, the mind He collides with his need for an answer, and if he does not find it, he begins to doubt and be confused, until you find him folding his mind Trying to surrender to a reality that satisfies mental arrogance in its ability to solve everything Dilemmas.
However, quite a few have opinions, however, the bottom line Final, among humans interested in that specific field of query, as the case In the questions usually asked by criminologists, who seek to make a profit.
This I mean, for those in the investigative realm, where's the gain, that comes from From the classic spectrum of criminology, which deals with the victim and suspects and the perpetrators.

In the field of selling one theory after another, especially the extraterrestrial ones, There is an exceptional profit potential, taking advantage of ignorance, paranoia and self-interest Primitive, provides lucrative rewards to skilled entrepreneurs, regardless of group With a wide range of conspiracy theories, the "Alien Agenda" is attracting great attention from accepted by most people, from successful novels to science fiction television pictures.

Profit from aliens is a fact that occurred between illusion and reality:

Any assessment of the profit potential of storytelling, as it relates to travelers Aliens, there's likely to be a lot of guesswork. However, there is an illusion Among some writers, for the author, regarding the possibility of making money writing Stories about science fiction and narratives, the probability of massive success is low.

On the production side, for a variety of individual media companies And companies, the possibilities are a little different, with the Internet, as well as many Competing streaming services, conspiracy theories abound in a variety of forms.
According to For global news sources we note that the media eagerly promote “concepts conspiratorial.” If it sells, it doesn't matter what the evidence shows, or scientific verification.
Based on On it, traditional magazines put the "unidentified flying object adherents" estimate in limits of about two-thirds of the American population, the potential for an association Top a good assumption. Therefore, nearly three out of four Americans accept The idea of ​​alien life forms, with approximately one in three aliens who They think that which aliens have really visited Earth.
Make a living off the phenomenon Unidentified flying objects:

Through writing books, gaining international fame, along with media promotion, Little makes this genre of science fiction and space literature profitable, and in promoting Discussion on the "Alien Agenda", another aspect involves building a universe as one with life everywhere.

This idea, apart from any financial advantages for one person or another, is more tempting Exciting, for example, one of the science forums on the Internet mentioned the Fermi paradox This points to the contradiction between the lack of scientific evidence and the possible existence of other forms of Life in the cosmic order. So where are the aliens?

Opinions And rumors, rumors, and gossip provide nothing of the hard data that Demonstrable To prove probabilities, as one scholar suggested, claims require non Ordinary evidence is extraordinary.

The developments of science and the current scientific renaissance are not enough to be certain:

For science, the inference here is in favor of those fields such as astrophysics Astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics to name a few. in Often, some call this field "hard science".
At the time Himself, in the so-called "soft science", or pseudo-science protests, flourishes Philosophies in the fields of criminology, psychology, and sociology.
while admitting Few freely believe that the field of "social studies" fields is not a difficult science, the Others grumble, because they desperately want to be considered a "scientist".
At this point Discussions can rage over who is the most scientific, and others can evaluate who He is concerned with these issues, and regardless, there is little evidence to judge except with absolute knowledge And it is the degree of knowledge that man is unable to attain with his limitations, and here we have nothing but to remember The saying of God Almighty (And you were not given of knowledge except a little).

Belief in the Paranormal and the Paranormal in the View of the Material West:

In the twenty-first century, belief in the supernatural, the supernatural, has grown, Outside of Earth, ghosts, goblins, gremlins and green space creatures are taking over Small animals gain daily attention across a broad cross-section of society, according to a university study Major in 2015, despite advances in technology, the vast majority of the population adhere to a variety of supernatural beliefs.

More than two-thirds, or nearly 73% of the US population, believes in a “worldly” aspect Others,” and according to that study, as well as others, “issues Alien", from UFOs to kidnappings and visits, fall into those Beliefs As conspiracy theories proliferate, aliens play a central role in Deception.
While we find in the pure Islam represented by the law of the prophets, prayers be upon them And peace, which agree in its content in the beliefs, and the most important thing in it is the monotheism of God, my Lord worlds from the standpoint of belief in the unseen, that is why we find the first description of them in Surat Al-Baqarah (Those who They believe in the unseen and establish prayer, and spend what We have provided for them.
And we note that servitude To God Almighty, the Lord Almighty has referred to it as the cornerstone of my heart, which is faith, and the cornerstone of my action, which is Prayer is the absolute evidence of submission to the command of God, the Blessed and Exalted, then we find another pillar which is The treatment represented in helping humanity with alimony, whether for money, knowledge or services It is the characteristic of giving and its main motive is that this world is not the end, but rather a test house And annihilation from which man does not come out except by his action.
And here we notice the great difference between The western view of metaphysics, and we call it belief, and this is regardless of the details And refutation of whether it is true or false, with our absolute faith in the revelation and the revelation being proven on the face Which God Almighty wanted.
A kind of cosmic collective pleasure spreads across Social media as if everyone is an "expert" in the diverse world of science, not Not only that, but a mere selfish framework of ideological totalitarianism sweeps across networks "Information and entertainment" into fanaticism that is counterproductive.
In general, it helps "Space conspiracy" the vast conglomeration of one false claim after another, representing A changing culture, as some may assert, many people willingly abandon common sense proper for self-interest.

Illusions of financial gain and profit from aliens:

Profit from aliens or earn money from nothing, it is a kind of deception, and expression euphemism, restatement of general terminology to assuage the ignorance of an era that is shifting in a way Collectively, the rush to endless consumption of all kinds of escape from 'cure self", an external matter of blame and shame degrades the nature of intellectual processes Honest investigation so they are not seen as different, and accept the situation The present without a doubt, and they adopt an unproven unanimity, and fear collusion, will meet Most of them are in crowded halls of hasty generalizations. To satisfy fears rather than reinforce Intellectual rise, emotional interaction avoids logical consistency. However, earning experts, exercise sleight of hand whenever possible profitable. There will always be followers without question who will deliberately pursue their confirmation bias in The illusion of personal affirmation. In one study, a flashback to the past indicated that scientists, from the field of Anthropological inquiry, nearly 75 years ago, predicted that thinking "is not supernatural rationality” would erode toward higher levels of scientific investigation Rational.

However, such a prediction, however, faded away with the continued rise of research About ghosts, ghosts and Mars. So, logical thinking suffers greatly with This superficial.


Are aliens real or not? Where did the idea for aliens come from? What does the Qur'an mean? Existence of aliens? What is the relationship between aliens and the pharaohs? Aliens in the Qur'an Aliens Wikipedia Do aliens exist Real aliens form Alien language Appearance Aliens Planet Aliens Where do aliens live. Are aliens real in Islam? Are there creatures other than humans in the universe? Is there any evidence that there is aliens? Do the grays exist? What did the Prophet say about the gray ones? What does the Qur'an say? About aliens? What did the apostle say about the end of the world? Is there evidence of Existence of aliens?

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