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A full explanation of AnyDesk for remote control with a short link AnyDesk is one of the Free software for personal use (paid for businesses), it hits the desktop It is controlled remotely, does not require installation on the device, and files can be transferred as well It works without the need for installation, the interface of the program is easy to use, like browsers, Where it contains: Tabs.

AnyDesk Features:

  • The program works on almost all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac,phone Android and iOS and Raspberry Pi).
  • The contents of the clipboard can be synchronized between the caller's computers.
  • The program can be run in portable mode by default (ie without installation), and can also Install it on the device like all other software.
  • When the remote connection is active, various settings can be accessed easily from the menu bar.
  • The program can adjust the connection characteristics to find the best video quality, speed and balance between them.
  • Other settings and other permissions are also customizable like cursor control Transfer audio and disable the control so that the connection is view-only and turn off clipboard sync Stop the other party from writing, stop recording screenshots, and more.
  • Files can be transferred by copying them to the clipboard and then pasting them to the remote host machine, There is also a separate file manager that can be used independently of the access tool distance.
  • The computer can be restarted remotely, even if AnyDesk is running in mode mobile.
  • Supports the use of remote printing.
  • Shortcuts for devices you connect to most often can be saved to your desktop for quick access to it.
  • All keyboard shortcuts can be sent to the host (remote) computer up to Ctrl-Alt-Del shortcut.
  • The session between the two connected computers can be recorded as video. An account picture will appear Your user in Windows as they are when you request to connect to the other device.
  • The list of previous connections appears in the recent sessions section to make the connections open Old faster and easier.
  • Remote device information can be viewed in a separate tab.
  • Many features, easy to use and simplicity in design, is what distinguishes this The program differs from other programs that provide remote access features.
anydesk download:windows-mac,linux,apk android,raspberry pi,chrome os,ios
anydesk download:windows-mac,linux,apk android,raspberry pi,chrome os,ios

How does AnyDesk work?

Similar to other remote control software such as TeamViewer and Remote Utilities, it uses AnyDesk ID number (address number) for easy connection creation.

Use a device name Your PC is like myPC @ad and share it instead of sharing numbers.
When Both the host and the client device are running AnyDesk, they can share an address AnyDesk-Address with the other device, and the other device inserts it into the Remote section Desk to start the connection, where the device sharing its address will be the computer that will be Controlled by the other computer kiss.

Select a password in the settings To enable unplanned access.
You can also specify the permissions granted to remote users when they connect to you.

Permissions allow them to see the screen, and hear computer sound, control keyboard and mouse, access clipboard, and secure user keyboard and mouse input, among other things as well.

Anydesk Download Program:

AnyDesk app works on most of today's mainstream operating systems and smartphones, To download the program:

    Steps to install AnyDesk:

    Install AnyDesk on your PC and on your phone:

    To install the software on your computer, follow these steps:

    Go to AnyDesk website and download the Portable software that works without Install.

    Open the portable software you downloaded, and click Install AnyDesk On this computer ...

    On the New Connection tab, to the left of the window. Click the Accept and Install button to start the installation process on your computer, So that the portable version will turn into an installed version.

    Then the program link will appear on the surface of the desk.

    To install AnyDesk software (application) on your iPhone, follow these steps:

    We search for AnyDesk application in the AppStore, and press the Get button to download the application And install it: After installing the application, we run it, and bypass the four identification screens with the work The program

    The steps are very easy: Launch AnyDesk app on your phone.

    Enter In the "Remote Address" field, the computer address (the 9-digit number to the left of screen in the program on the computer) you want to access.

    Press Connect button and wait for the computer to accept the connection.

    In AnyDesk at The computer appears a window presses the accept button and the connection begins to work and a screen appears Computer on the phone screen and you can start moving your finger on the phone screen to move Mouse pointer with it on the computer screen.

    In conclusion, AnyDesk is one of the The most important and easiest remote computer access software, which is flexible and widespread due to its availability On all platforms and devices in use today, and taking into account its strong communications encryption.


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