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google ads|high cpc keywords

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$700 per click, writing cpc or bpc articles, the best and most expensive keywords Click/Continuously Updated.

Keywords cpc or bpc A renewable list of the best and most expensive keywords to write articles cpc or bpc, a gift provided by the techno-scien platform for science and technology.

Explain the importance of writing cpc or bpc articles in a blog or website:

means cpc or bpc articles and we have explained them in a simplified form with examples, and in more detail.

They are articles targeting specific keywords that are compatible with the previously paid words Advertisers focusing on competitors also to create a competitive environment under the law of price And supply and demand, and not to exceed 50 competitor advertisers.

Because the actual price decline curve begins with 50-60 competitors, and therefore the best follow-ups Keyword prices say that the optimal number of competitors is between 10-45 competitors On the one word, the final say in the end is for the payers of money from the advertisers, and not We are the owners of the sites and publishers of advertisements, because we are nothing but intermediaries.

And even if our articles were among the first articles in the search ladder on the Google search engine (the five The first are those who know where the shoulder is eaten.

This great effort is not matched only by benefiting from the appearance, but the clicks may be in rock bottom, so we always recommend writing articles with a paid click price, even if the volume is The search has 50 visits per month, and in terms of price, it may reach $ 700, while articles In terms of membership (free), it does not come at the price of its fees, even if it brings you the amount of search and traffic High in the tens of thousands per month.

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google ads|high cpc keywords

What are keywords and what do Keywords mean?

The name in Arabic is the key word or in English Keyword, which means A single word or group of words in a single sentence that defines and clarifies the purpose of the particular content You on your website, blog, or even the means of communication and electronic stores for the purpose of access To the largest volume of visits within a country or several countries targeted by the advertisement or article.

It is useful in the field of search engine optimization, especially if we know that keywords are (Short) words, sentences, and long-tail phrases that users enter into search engines To find a specific information, which reflects positively on everyone by providing value or information Or a product, and making a profit for the publisher or advertising medium, as well as achieving the advertiser's real goal The producer will pay those values, and therefore his profits will increase and his income will double because of Increased search volume on his product.

high cpc keywords

mail pro

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advertise your website on google

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sites for advertising

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local google business

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free advertisement on google

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ad sign

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youtube video ads cost

$price of keyword 301

advertiser ads

$keyword price246

ads per click

$price of keyword 161

google cloud cdn

$306 keyword price

how much exposure to asbestos will cause mesothelioma

$558 keyword price

gmail for businesses

$price of keyword 443

identity guard vs lifelock

$122 keyword price

plumber in bedford tx

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$ 115 keyword price


$ 115 keyword price

google phone tracer

$112 keyword price

host cloud server

$218 keyword price

cloud server free trial

$207 keyword price

cloud based server for small business

$keyword price 184

best cdn services

$179 keyword price

amazon aws service

$ 123 keyword price

facebook ads

$keyword price9.48

affiliate marketing

$keyword price 5.07


$5.54 keyword price

facebook business

$keyword price 4.07

bing ads

$keyword price2.65

ads manager

$keyword price 2.79

instagram ads

$keyword price 2.05

free smtp hosts

$ price of keyword 111

buy google server

$$94.74 for keyword

email blaster

$keyword price 91.00


$price of keyword 1.97


$keyword price 6.38


$2.93 keyword price


$keyword price10.21


$ 6.19 keyword price

vmware fusion

$keyword price3.59


$keyword price 1.52


$keyword price0.31

more words:

Business Services $58.65 Bail Bonds $58.48 Casino $55.48 Attorney $54.86 Gas or Electricity $54.62 Convalescence $42.04 Treatment. $37.18 Hair transplant. 31.37$

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