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ad exchanges| CPC and CPM on Google Adsense

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Technology and science platform

The best ad networks(cpc=ppc+cpm) in target Google Adsense Settings to increase revenue for techno-scientific science and technology platform websites and blogs, where we always strive to improve information after researching and reviewing articles Arabs and complete foreigners, far from completeness and extent.

CPM for Google Adsense:

Low CPM countries:

Arab countries that have the highest Google Adsense revenue low per thousand ad impressions is Algeria $0.12, followed by Tunisia $0.13, Iraq $0.15, then Morocco is $0.17 per thousand impressions.

Average CPM of the country:

The average revenue of the country per thousand impressions of Google Adsense ads from Arabs is $0.42 per thousand impressions in Egypt and 0 $.67 in Saudi Arabia and $0.75 in Palestine.

The CPM of countries is high:

Other Gulf countries like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, but the United Arab Emirates ranks first with a number of 1 35 USD per thousand in Google Adsense and Arabic impression ranking. .

Top countries for CPM:

The most global country with the highest revenue to generate is the United States of America with a lot of 1.72 dollars, and of the countries of Europe, France occupies the throne with 2.09 dollars. Therefore, the income of American and French YouTube channels, as well as sites united in these languages, is very high.

(Canada. Australia. New Zealand. United Kingdom. Austria. Germany. Switzerland. Country Avg CPC Avg CPM Japan $1.32 $0.38 American Samoa $1.21 0, $09 United States $1.09 $0.22)

The price per thousand ad impressions does not depend on a specific language or country, whether Arabic or foreign , but the number of advertisers and their share Competition in the price of clicks displayed in Google AdWords to translate Google Adsense according to the amount of profit per thousand ad impressions on a given website or video within the YouTube platform.

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Best Ad Networks to Increase CPC and CPM on Google Adsense:

Best Ad Networks to Increase CPC and CPM on Google Adsense:

Hearst Digital Media $10.80

InPowered 10.19 $


Anytime $10.13 $10.11

Open inventory $9.24

WebAds $8.71

Madhouse Mobile $8.12

CPX Interactive $7.75

Media Guru $7.41

pAdvertising Alliance $6.59

Compare Group $6.33

Transcosmos $6.09

eHealthcare Solutions $6.06

KPI Solutions $5.70

ScaleOut $5.65

Bannerconnect $5.43

Independent Traveler $5.40

Quantcast $5.29

MediaScience $5.17

AdKnowledge $5.11

Barons Media $4.91

pSpecific Media $4.81

InterCLICK $4.73

Dun Bradstreet 4 $0.70

Advantage Media $4.45

Bridge Marketing $4.41

Belgacom $4.39

Connexity $4.32

HealthiNation $4.30

Ad Technologies $4.28

Remerge $4.19

Media Decision $4.17

Performance Advertising $4.04

AdGear $3.93

Professional display $3.93

Cyber ​​communications $3.69

Motricity $3.66

TruEffect $3.60

TCS Bank $3.46

MediaMind $3.43

GroupM $3.36

Videology $3.29

SEEK Commercial $3.26

Proclivity $3.15

Advance Media $3.13

Neustar $3.11

iPromote $3.10

AdLabs $3.09

Interactive Media Sales $3.07

Technorati $3.05

Meta Network $3.02

Yandex $2.95

Adform $2.90

REA Group $2.86

Fixed $2.84

Active Agent $2.81

StartApp $2.77

Didit $2.74

Weborama $2.74

Tremor Media $2.72

PlatformOne $2.71

pSogou $2.63

Hybrid $2.62

Downstream Marketing $2.61

PC World Communications $2.58 / p

Scan/Medialink: EE account $2.57

ARAnet $2.54

Unruly Media $2.51

OpenX 2, $49

Outdoor Hub $2.45

CyberAgent $2.44

AutoScout24 $2.39

Media Collectives 2, $39

Media City $2.38

MediaNews Group $2.35

eMar $2.30

CarWale 2, $29

International Video $2.28

Internet Brands $2.24

Undertone $2.21

Cirrus Media 2 $.17

Medium Diary $2.14

Decisive $2.14

Ignite Video $2.14

Twenga 2 $.04

AMNET $2.01

Platform ID $2.01

LookSmart $2.00

Information Nirvana $1.99

Innity $1.93

Burst Media $1.91

CBS Interactive $1.89

pTencent $1.89

Base Demand $1.88

MediaWorks $1.88

Mobile Theory $1.88

iContext $1.87

Adience $1.85

Baidu $1.84

Affinity $1.80

pInneractive $1.79

Numerical Response $1.78

Mars Technologies $1.77

IQM $1.75

pRubedo $1.72

Magnetic $1.70

Inspired Mobile $1.68

Times Internet $1.67

pTorrential $1.65

Scripps $1.60

SteelHouse $1.60

Dennis Publishing $1.59


Future US $1.57

Break Media $1.56

CareerOne $1.55

Sift Media $1.55

Found $1.54

Evania $1.53

OneScreen 1 $52

Conversant $1.51

Netmining 1 $0.48

Carsales $1.47

Ozone Media $1.46

AdView $1.45

Glimr $1.45

One97 $1.45

Limit $1.45

xBid 1. $45

Media request $1.44

Conrad Advertising $1.43

VPON $1.43

Digitouch 1, $42

Dynamic Video $1.41

Quartic $1.41

Driver $1.38

eco 1.36 $

Financial Times $1.34

Medium Coverage $1.34

YuMe $1.34

Return 1.31 $

Verizon with DBM $1.31

Custom $1.29

PickmeUp $1.29

Unique 1.29 $

Ad Pepper $1.26

Black Box Media $1.26

Me Bundle $1.26

Net Edge $1.26

Football $1.26

eprofessional $1.25

PriceRunner $1.24

Started 1, $23

Voodoo Video $1.22

SGN $1.20

Interactive One $1.19

Wikia 1, $19

GREE $1.17

Longtail $1.17

Mediasmart $1.17

Answer Media 1.16 $

Pulse 360 $1.16

Turn $1.15

$1.14 came

Microsoft with AppNexus $1.13

CLOSED $1.13

Smart Medium $1.11

Sojern $1.11

Micro $1.10 $1.06


TVNZ $1.06

OneSpot $1.05

Smartclip $1.05

YD $1.05

eType $1.04

IMT $1.04

Bizo $1.02

DataLab USA $1.01 $1.01

Merkle $0.99

pTekka $0.99

The Bridge $0.99

AdMedia $0.96 $0.96

Metacafé $0.95

Bell Canada $0.94

Harvest Digital $0.93

Advanced Store $0.92/ p

Advertising Alliance



Advance Media

Advantage Media

Adience /p


Media Agenda

Amazon India



AutoScout24 /p

Response Media



Extended STORE


Bannerconnect / p

Barons Media

DataLab USA

Digitize/ Medialink – US Account

Future USA

MediaMind (USA) . USA)

Mindshare (DE)




Unruly Media



Verizon with DBM

International Video



Voodoo Video






Ad Pepper


Accommodate DE with AppNexus

Acquire THE with MediaMath

Accuen DE with Invite Media/ p

Accuen (FR) with DBM

Accuen UK with Videology

Accuen UK with MediaMath

Accuen UK with AppNexus

Accuen NL with Invite (Legacy)

Accuen FR with AppNexus

Ad Pepper (DE)

Adform (UK)

Adconion (USA)

Adconion (FR)

Affiperf-Videology USA

Affiperf-Videlogy Latam US$

AudienceScience (UK ) / p



Bannerconnect (US)/ p

Criteo (United States)

Criteo (United Kingdom)

Crimtan (United States)

DataLab USA

Digitize/Medialink - US Account

pDigital Media DE

Dentsu: Innovation Interactive: Netmining: UK (books)

Dentsu: Innovation Interactive : Netmining US1

Efficient Frontier (United States)

Exponential: Tribal Fusion (FR)

Future US

FreakOut (USA ) USA)


HUNT Mobile Ads (USA)

Infectious Media - USA

Bound DE

pMexad (USA)

Melt DSP (USA)/ p

MediaMind (USA)/ p

MediaMath, ordered by eBay (DE )

Mediacom North (UK)

Mindshare (DE)

Online Media Solutions: USA

Omnicom Media Group with MediaMath (DK)

RadiumOne (UK)

RadiumOne (FR)/ p

PulsePoint (UK)

Schibsted with AppNexus USD

StrikeAd (US)

StartMeApp (US)

StartMeApp (UK)

Specific Media UK/ p

Videology, on behalf of VivaKi (UK)/ p

Videology (UK)

pXaxis (FR)

Vizury (US)

VivaKi US with Turn for ODA UK

pYOC (US).)


Xaxis with Videology (UK )

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