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The European Union imposes fines on Meta

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced on Thursday that he would change the name of his company from Facebook to Meta.
Zuckerberg added that the company's logo changed from a white "F" on a blue background to the word Meta, next to which is a blue "infinity" sign.

During a video clip he released today to followers, pioneers of communication sites, and users of major international companies, he explained that the new name of Facebook Meta means the word "after" in Greek, and this change comes in an attempt to move into the virtual world with many more updates.

The founder of the blue company "Mark Zuckerberg" confirmed that changing the name of Facebook to Meta gives a new color, during the conference in which the company "Metaverse" participated.

He explained that the new updates will be released today, and the company will continue to provide the same electronic services, with the addition of new updates that will be appreciated by all users all over the world and in all countries.

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 Facebook parent company Meta union eu

The new brand, launched as Facebook's new Meta, focuses the company's attention on the "metaverse," where a person leaves screens and experiences the effects of being in virtual reality, they say.

Meta .. an incomprehensible term

It is surprising that if Facebook has aggressively promoted the idea or the term metaverse, in recent weeks, it is still largely incomprehensible.
The term was originally coined by science fiction writer Neal Stevenson to describe a virtual world where people escape from the dystopian real world.

And now it's backed by one of the biggest and most controversial companies in the world.
The "metaverse" project is based on creating a copy of the Internet with virtual reality technology, which the company says represents the future.
The term metaverse refers to digital worlds where multiple people can interact in a 3D environment, including the full spectrum of augmented reality.

European Union fines Facebook parent company Meta:

European Union fines media company $1.3 billion Social Meta for violating data protection rules. The European Union has ordered the Met to stop transmitting data across the Atlantic.

This is the biggest fine since tough EU database rules came into force. Meta plans to file an appeal and go to contract court for a ruling.

The European Union on Monday imposed a $1.3 billion fine on the Met, forcing it to transfer data across the Atlantic.
Since strict EU data protection came into effect five years ago.

Meta's objection to the decision:

Meta, with European headquarters in Dubai, is supervised by the Irish Data Protection Commission. Meta has warned that services in Europe could be shut down and plans to appeal the decision immediately. Mita with this decision .. the legal battle continues!
Reveals different views on data protection between the EU and the US.

Privacy Policy!

underwent a Meta-Review due to its impact on standard data contracts used in transatlantic data transfers.

Is it just Facebook?

The announced decision applies only to Facebook and not to Instagram and WhatsApp, which are also owned by Meta. Meta said they would appeal the decision and that no EU participation service was required.

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