Diagnosing battery malfunctions in phones

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How to Diagnose Battery Consumption and Leakage Faults in Mobile Phones

Many maintenance technicians, especially mobile phone maintenance technicians, face some problems related to diagnosis and identifying the faults of devices received at the maintenance shop, which are accompanied by the customer's complaint "the battery runs out quickly."

The fault may be due to the battery, visible faults such as moisture or salting, or common faults.

Power consumption in the mobile phone:

It is the amount of energy consumed by the mobile phone from the battery during the operation of the mobile phone.

We can measure the power consumption of the mobile phone using a power supply after pressing the power button.

On average, it is between 0.18 to 0.45 milliamps, so when we see these values, the mobile phone is working normally.

Sometimes during the startup process, these values ​​can rise and reach 1.0 amperes.

For the mobile consumption to be calculated accurately, the mobile must wait until it automatically enters sleep mode, or what is called "Sleep Mode."

After the device enters this mode, we can wait for a period of up to a minute and we will find that the ampere indicator has returned to zero, thus making sure that the consumption of the phone is normal.

If the mobile continues to draw the ampere while entering the "Sleep Mode" mode, this means that the mobile consumes more battery than the normal rate of consumption, and here we will notice that the customer's complaint is "the mobile gets charging quickly."

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- Diagnose leakage when servicing the phone

But we have to pay attention to an important note that helps us to know the component or ICE that causes the high consumption of the mobile, for example:

If the ampere indicator rises when the power push button switch is pressed by a value higher than the normal rate, which is equivalent on average between 0.18 to 0.45 milliamperes.

This means that the reason for the consumption is one of the disconnects (power circuit), for example, the following:

  • Power crystal
  • Signal processor
  • Main processor
  • Flash
  • RAM
  • ISI power

Leakage mobile phone battery power leak:

A leak is simply the presence of wetting or salting caused by the presence of water deposits under a piece or many components in the board, especially the pieces on the line of the battery blades" - "V-Bat".

We can determine the causes of leakage by measuring the resistance at the tips of the battery blades.

Using a multimeter and in the diode mode, the resistance of the battery blades is measured.

Using a Multimeter:

We connect the multimeter leads to the battery blade terminals, as shown in the image.

If the resistance is close to zero, it means that there is a battery leakage.

If the resistance is high, it means that the battery is in good condition.


By following the steps mentioned above, we can diagnose battery consumption and leakage faults in mobile phones, thus identifying the cause of the fault and repairing it.


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